Text Box: They came out of the far North, ancient beasts, relics of past millennia. They were monster wolves bred by a well-meaning Paleontologist trying to recreate the species, but how did they get to southern Kentucky, and what would happen once they were free to roam the woods as Apex Predators?

Terror on the TundraNew from Jim Miller, writing as J. Esker Miller,has ventured into the realm of horror. After years flying over desolate Alaska, he imagined how a Viking shipwreck there could leave a pair of war dogs whose descendants, over a thousand years, evolve into monster predators. It’s an adventure that pits the fangs and claws of giant devil dogs against the wits and bravery of a small group of townspeople who don’t know how to give up, even against impossible odds.

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cropped-Weed-Cover1.jpgWhen his wife left him, Josh Stiles retired from the Marine Corps and tried to begin a new life, a search for roots in a world where he felt like an alien. That took him to the hills of Kentucky where he found his parents two families involved in a bloody feud around the marijuana they grew, sold and killed to protect. He could be the one to end the fighting – if they didn’t kill him first. From

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Stealing Ho Chi Minh’s Gold- Kelley Price receives the gift of Stealing Covereveryone’s dreams: a dead uncle who leaves a fortune! He goes to Hawaii to claim his inheritance but all is not what it seems. And that is just the beginning of this suspenseful thriller with some of the most unique plot twists I have ever read. Comment from an Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards Judge.
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Counter Intelligence How did a baby-faced insurance agent wind up tracking Nazi “Werewolf ” saboteurs, leading raids behind enemy lines and Counter Intelligence by Jim Millerwrecking havoc with the German war machine? Young Jimmie Miller saw World War II as a career opportunity and signed up for the Army Counter Intelligence Corps thinking he would ride out the war in style. Instead, he wound up fighting his way across North Africa, France, Germany and Austria. Along the way, he found adventure and the career he sought. click to order


Heavy Jets by Jim Miller Heavy Jets – It was the first jet airlifter and it changed the world making it possible for the United States to project power and wage the Vietnam war 10,000 miles from our shores. This book is a fictionalized chronicle of the aviators who flew the ungainly C-141 “sub-sonic bug sucker.” They were a breed apart; fiercely independent and always flirting with disaster. This is their story… and every word is a lie. I swear it. Order an autographed copy from


iuniverse coversIt was 1945 and the Americans were turning to peace, disbanding the Army and the OSS, intelligence agency. But the Russians had a different view of post-war Europe and launched an unprecedented power grab. Vienna became the front line for a confrontation between Stalin’s KGB and the remnants of our Counter Intelligence Corps. It was bare-knuckle espionage with no limits. The biggest prize – Nazi nuclear scientists who could give Russia an Atom Bomb. Click to order